Refund Policy


Although we try our level best to make you contented with our work. However, if you are not pleased about the content and quality of the work, you can ask for a refund. But before asking for a refund, you must go through the refund policy details in order to make our dealings be done in fair terms.
  • If we are delayed in delivering the order as per the commitment, the client is eligible for a refund or store credit if they don’t use the content.
  • If an order has been delayed from our part but the client uses the content anyways, then he/she will only be reimbursed a sum corresponding to the difference between the set and actual time of delivery.
  • The clients will have to prove with claim, if they have challenged the authenticity and originality of the content. If their claim is proved as true, they would be repaid an amount decided upon by our Quality Assurance Department, or given store credit accordingly.
  • We are not held accountable for clients scoring low grades if they have accepted the content from us. We are not liable to any failure and low grades.
  • If the client has been charged extra or twice mistakenly, they are allowed to refund or given store credit accordingly.
  • If client is not satisfied with our work, he/she must contact us immediately instead of contacting third party. It will be of no use to them.
  • If the client doesn’t contact us, if unhappy with the quality of the work, then the contract between client and us is violated and we will deal with the client accordingly.
  • Our client must refrain from making chargebacks all the time. If they do so, they will not be entertained with any kind of writing services and will be considered as fraudulent in future.
  • Kindly note that the full refund means 90 % of the actual sum that you paid while placing your order with us. Also, our decision would be regarded as final under all circumstances.