Privacy Policy


Kindly go through all the details of privacy policy before you are engaged with us in any business matter. We greatly regard our clients who put their faith in us, and share their personal details with us. So, we do following actions to safeguard the confidentiality of our clients.


Personal Information
You are required to give your personal information when you place an order with us. These details are; name, contact number and email ID. You are acknowledged that this information is absolutely private and no third part is allowed or given an access to your personal details. So, stay relaxed and don’t worry about the security of your private information. It would only be used for communication which is done while your order is getting ready with us.
Financial Information
We have devised hacker free servers. Your information is secure with us. We delete all your financial details as soon as your payment has been done. It safeguards your financial information and you will not get any problem in your financial matters. We strictly monitor the financial information and even our employees are not allowed to view your financial information.
Cookies store browser information from the time you spent on our website. This information is only used to analyze the patterns of activity on your servers. You can also disable cookies if you are not comfortable with this but it will then limit you to use certain features of our website. We don’t manipulate our customers.